Cross Docking

      Cross Docking in Utah can be the key to your company’s success.  By reducing freight costs and increasing freight options Hines will increase your bottom line.   Utah is the hub for shipments to the South and East coast. Delta Airlines, UPS, and Fed Ex are some of the many companies that already know this.  The reason this works is Utah is an import state, nothing sizable is exported.  Technology is Utah’s main industry which is usually just a key stroke away from being shipped.  So there is a large number of trucks bringing products in for consumption that are stuck in Utah with nothing to haul out.  Simple rules of supply and demand give you the customer cheap freight rates for the final leg of the trip.  Out of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California it is possible to cut the rate per mile in half for the remainder of the haul which can more than justify the cost of cross docking and by using Hines the inconvenience  can be unnoticeable while at the same time increasing your bottom line.  Hines services can include lining up the transportation to pick up from the shipper, lining up the transportation from Utah to the final destination, organizing the cross docking which most of the time comes off one truck and straight on to another without hitting the warehouse floor, or any one of the individual services including just point A to point B arrangements and Warehousing.